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TeXte du secretariat de l'AIT POUR LE 1 MAI

Publié le 30 Avril 2013 par cnt-ait-05.over-blog.com

First of May 2013: The Emancipation of the Workers must be the task of the Working-class itself!

The origin of May Day dates back to the United States on May 1st 1886 when

a strike was launched in support of the 8 hour day. During this campaign a

bomb was thrown at a demonstration in Chicago, the police arrested a number

of anarchists who had been prominent in the struggle for the 8 hour day.

The arrested men were clearly innocent, but four were executed by the state

while another died in his cell allegedly committing suicide. The execution of

the four men, who became known as the Haymarket Martyrs, sparked a mass

working class protest across the world that lead to May 1st being declared

international workers day in commemoration of the sacrifice of the four

murdered men.

On this May Day let us then not just remember the sacrifice of the

Haymarket Martyrs, but also celebrate the Internationalism of the

early workers movement that led to the mass protest against the

execution of the four men.

The message of May Day is that Capitalism is a worldwide system

that has to be fought by the international working class. And that working

class struggle must go beyond national borders and confront the

capitalist enemy directly on an international scale.

And as we approach this May Day, the need for coordinated international

working class action against capitalism has never been greater. Capitalism

as a global system remains in the grip of crisis that it is seeking to

overcome by attacking the working class. In country after country governments

are driving down wages and working conditions and throws people into

unemployment in an attempt to boost the ailing capitalist system.

The capitalist rule is “expand or die”, and the crisis is used as a pretext for

slashing public services. In fact this is an expansion for opening of

markets and capital for private corporations.

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